Notes on tonight’s game as I watch it. Feel free to leave your own comments below; let me know what you’re seeing.

–Finally, an opportunity for me to watch the Reds. Unfortunately, I forgot how much I disliked George Grande’s announcing.

–Man, I’d like to be in Florida right now.

–Joe Randa batting fifth? Silly. I’m glad to see D’Angelo Jiminez leading off, and Felipe Lopez starting at SS.

–I like Tim Wakefield. Heck, I like any knuckleball pitcher…mainly because they remind me of Ball Four, the best baseball book ever.

UPDATE: Adam Dunn struck out? Surely not.
UPDATE 2: My first look at Joe Randa. I’m not a fan, but he was the only player in the first inning to get good wood on a Wakefield pitch.

UPDATE 3: Why must we get stuck with Jeriome Robertson in a televised game?
UPDATE 4: I’m not very impressed with Robertson. His curve looks pretty good, but he’s throwing nothing but junk. If you’re going to throw junk, it doesn’t hurt if your junk is a knuckler.

UPDATE 5: Wow, Johnny Damon throws like a girl. He’s a nice player, but goodness, he has a candy arm.

UPDATE 6: Felipe! Sweet, a double and an RBI. Tell Aurilia to keep sitting. 🙂 Reds up 2-1.
UPDATE 7: This game is meaningless. But it’s making me realize just how much I can’t wait for Opening Day to get here.

I’ll be in the stadium for Opening Day, by the way.

UPDATE 8: Dunn with a HR! That’s why he’s my favorite player. Reds lead 4-1.
UPDATE 9: Casey has 2 BBs now. That’s why I’d like to see Casey hitting in the 2 hole. Imagine if he had walked in front of the Dunn HR.

UPDATE 10: About Joe Randa — I loved this snippet of conversation:

George: “What does he bring to this club, Chris?”
Chris: “Well, he brings great hands…He doesn’t cover a lot of ground, he’s not a home run hitter, he’s not going to hit a lot of doubles, or steal bases, but he’s just kind of an everyday Joe that plays hard.”


UPDATE 11: Joe Valentine and his wild fastball are on the mound now. He’s not getting any higher than 91 on the gun, though. He needs to have much better control if he expects to have any type of career.

UPDATE 12: Bobby Estalella just hit one real hard, to the deepest part of the ballpark. A triple. If he doesn’t win the backup catcher job, there’s no justice in the world.

UPDATE 13: My law school alma mater is playing basketball on ESPN right now in the NIT, and I’m watching a spring training baseball game. I’ve got the fever bad.

UPDATE 14: Passed ball, Estallela scored, 5-1 Reds. Nice baserunning by Felipe, also, to take two bases on the passed ball.

UPDATE 15: Double and an RBI for Casey. He looks good tonight. He also looks like he’s in better shape this spring. I don’t know if he really is, but he appears to have lost weight.

UPDATE 16: Ryan Wagner: Wow, this kid’s going to have a great season. Struck out two in his first inning of work. He looks like a different pitcher than we saw at the beginning of last season.

UPDATE 17: A grounder just went right through the legs of D’Angelo Jiminez. That’s terrible.
UPDATE 18: Terrible inning by David Weathers. Can anyone tell me why he’s on this roster?

Only reason I can figure is that his name isn’t Phil Norton. That’s an improvement, isn’t it?

UPDATE 19: Gotta go help get the kids in bed. I’ll be back soon.
UPDATE 20: I’m back, and the game is 6-4, thanks to Weathers.
UPDATE 21: I can’t believe that Rey Olmedo was once considered a possibility to replace Barry Larkin. He’s a very talented outmaker, though.

UPDATE 22: Matt Belisle is now on the mound. I’m looking forward to watching him; I have hopes that he’ll ultimately be good enough to be a decent bullpen arm.

UPDATE 23: Not a bad inning by Belisle, but he never looked comfortable to me out there. I still have high hopes for him, though (well, relatively speaking).

Game over, and the Reds take a 6-4 victory over the Redsox. Ryan Wagner and Adam Dunn had probably the most notable performance, and I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer through a Danny Graves outing.

Overall, fun evening. Again, however, I can’t wait for Opening Day to get here.