Marc Lancaster has today’s lineup for the game against Tampa Bay:

Freel 2B
Dunn LF
Casey 1B
Griffey CF
Kearns RF
Randa 3B
Aurilia SS
Valentin C
Claussen P

I look forward to seeing if Claussen can continue his nice pitching, especially since they’re beginning to stretch the starters out some, in terms of innings.

In the SS race, Aurilia is playing with Freel, so that doesn’t really give us any insight into who will end up being the starter (even though we already know it’s going to be the old guy).

One last thing: why not switch Dunn and Casey in the lineup? I know lineup construction doesn’t mean that much, and I’d certainly rather have Dunn hitting second than sixth. But it’s junk like this that makes me wonder about Dave Miley. He’s my favorite Reds manager since Piniella, but he does some strange things.

I can tell you one thing: if I were manager, I’d never let my best hitter hit sixth or seventh in the lineup.