The Redlegs beat the Yankees again last night, but the highlight of the evening was Wily Mo Peña’s homerun against Yankees ace Randy Johnson.

John Fay has an article this morning about Wily Mo, saying that he’s feeling some pressure right now:

Wily Mo Peña admits to feeling the pressure.

“I’m fighting for a job,” he said. “When I don’t hit, I get angry. Then I get too anxious.”

Peña is probably out of the competition for the starting right fielder’s job. But that’s largely because Austin Kearns has played so well.

The concern now is that Peña won’t be much good as an extra player unless he finds some semblance of his hitting stroke.

I’m not too worried, but I do wish the Reds had a place to play Peña every day. I’d love to see what kind of numbers he could produce in a full-time role; we got a hint of that last year.

If GM Dan O’Brien weren’t so conservative, he would have created a spot for Peña in the starting lineup by now. I know he would have taken a lot of heat for it in the Cincinnati press, but trading Sean Casey for pitching would have been the single move that would have improved this roster more than any other.

Oh well…Kearns or Junior are likely to get hurt soon, and then Peña will be in the everyday lineup.