Ran across the following in a Fay article in the Enquirer a few days back:

“He’s really thrown well,” O’Brien said. “We’ve never seen him throw with this velocity.”

Belisle, 24, has gone from throwing 88 to 90 mph to hitting 92 consistently. Belisle already had good movement on his fastball and an above-average breaking ball.

If Belisle has just finally regained his velocity from his back injury that caused him to miss the 2001 season, he could make a big jump forward this season. At just 24, he’ll be someone to keep an eye on this season at AAA Louisville.


3 Responses

  1. Tom

    The following is another note on Belisle from today’s Enquirer in regards to Belisle:

    If camp ended today, Matt Belisle probably would make the club as a reliever.

    Belisle, a 24-year-old right-hander obtained from Atlanta for Kent Mercker in 2003, has been the surprise of camp. His added velocity has him pitching the way he did when he was a top prospect in the Braves’ organization.

    The Reds see Belisle as a starter. In fact, he’ll start today’s game. But he’ll be given a shot to make the club in the bullpen if he doesn’t make it as a starter.

    Things could change over the last three weeks of camp. But the case for Belisle has been made stronger by the struggles of Joe Valentine and Jose Acevedo.

    It sure would be nice to see us get some return out of one of our Atlanta prospect/suspects. Bell didn’t pan out, Smith has had a bum hip, in trouble with the law, and got shelled in his debut yesterday. Bong must not be healthy, he hasn’t seen the mound yet this spring. So having Belisle step up would be pretty nice.


  2. Tom

    He sure did! Didn’t get much help either, Randa threw a double play ball into right field and Marty and Joe said Pena played a high deep fly into a double. Even so, Belisle was bad today. Hopefully he’ll set it aside and start throwing well again.