I hate to say “I told you so” (really, I hate to say it because I think it’s going to hurt the Reds in the end), but take a look at this article by John Fay:

It’s still three weeks before the Reds break camp here, but things look good for Rich Aurilia at shortstop and Austin Kearns in right field.

Those were the only two positions in the everyday lineup up for grabs going into camp. Aurilia’s competition is Felipe Lopez; Kearns’ competition is Wily Mo Peña.

Reds officials aren’t ready to declare the race over, but based on the numbers, Aurilia and Kearns have the edge.

I’ve blogged before about why Felipe Lopez deserves the starting SS job, but I’ve also said that I fully expect this team to hand it to Rich Aurilia. I’m not happy about this situation.

Take a look at what Dave O’Brien says:

Lopez has played well in the field and is hitting .333. But Aurilia, a nine-year veteran, has outplayed Lopez, 24.

“With Rich, one thing that is clear to everybody is that he’s an experienced pro that not only knows how to play the game, but he recognizes game situations, whether it be defensively or offensively,” O’Brien said.

Case in point: Aurilia has half of the Reds’ four sacrifice flies this spring.

First of all, it’s foolish to make any decisions based on the small sample size of a spring training performance. Secondly, Steve was right.

This is discouraging, at the least.

2 Responses

  1. Tyler

    I rather have Lopez step in and do well at SS. But if he doesn’t THEN it should go to Aurilia. First Lopez then Rich.

  2. Bill

    I’m not disagreeing about the fact that the job should have been Lopez’s to lose, but the article also said about Aurilla, “He’s hitting .462 overall with a home run and four RBI in five starts.” Just wanted to make sure all the information is given. Aurilla’s having a good spring also.