If you are interested in what any of the above players are doing now, take a look at Marc Lancaster’s news and notes column in the Post. For what it’s worth:

Brian Reith is trying to hook on with the Pirates. Redleg Nation wishes him luck.

Ray Olmedo will see his first action today after recovering from Tommy John surgery. I hope he doesn’t play a day for the Reds this season.

Steve Smitherman will be filling in with the big league club for some upcoming split squad games. It does not appear, however, that he is getting any real opportunity to land a spot on the Reds bench for this season. That’s a shame, because he could fill that 25th spot as well as anyone.

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  1. Steve

    If Lopez learns to hit like he was originally projected, Olmedo could become very useful for us. He would make a good back up defensive middle infielder for the two hitters we have up the middle, but who seem to be below average defensively.

    When I saw Olmedo play last year, he was bunting more than he had previously, and he was the guy that Louisville Bat manager (former all-star shortstop) Rick Burleson used to protect leads at shortstop late in the game. He was used to replace both Lopez and Machado at shortstop.

    Machado comes with a good glove reputation, but there was definitely something wrong with his fielding when he first came to the Bats last year. He was booting the ball, throwing it away, misplaying it…you name it, to the point he had to be replaced in the field late in the games. He did settle down, but Olmedo was still better out there.

    And, there’s no way Machado will hit over a full season like he did in the one month he played for the Reds…seeing anything differently would be suffering from Pokey-itis when folks starting thinking that Pokey Reese could actually hit after one fluke year.

    Smitherman was burned by being called up too early by the Reds. His minor league history showed that it took him at least a half season, if not more, to adjust to every step up the minor league ladder. He spent very little time (playing poorly I might add) at AAA, before going to the Reds two years ago where he was awful. It took him almost all of last year to catch back up to AAA…he was terrible the first half of the season but became a doubles machine the second half of the year.

    I’d rather try Stratton to start with…Kenny Kelly would be a better fielder than all of them, and is quite fast, but I want to see more evidence with the bat.

    Brian Reith was burned several years ago by being sent to the majors way before he was ready…and it did a horrible number on his psyche. His managers talked about how the shellshocking experience changed his pitching approach from aggressive to a nibbler…he needed a new locale.