Of course the big story this morning in the Cincinnati papers is the potential sale of the Reds. The Enquirer has several stories:

Reds up for sale
Reds will remain Cincinnati’s
Ownership changes no concern for team
Ironclad lease keeps team here
Lindner loyal to keeping the Reds in Cincinnati
Owners who are selling
Questions about the Reds’ deal
Reds players’ reactions
The fans’ reactions
Nationals bidders might like Reds

Let’s be honest: none of this really matters. Unless and until Carl Lindner sells his controlling shares, nothing is going to change with the direction of the franchise. If the shares up for sale now are eventually sold, all it will mean is a few different pictures in the ownership section of the media guide.

Hey, here’s an idea: maybe Barry Larkin will buy the team. At least there is reason to believe that Larkin has a desire to see the Reds win. We know that Carl Lindner doesn’t care if the team wins games.