This is big news. The question is: when will Lindner sell his controlling shares?

3 Responses

  1. Steve

    So, does this mean…

    1) the owners have been happy with the profits and want to take what they can get before Congress decides to regulate?

    2) The owners are mad at Lindner for agreeing to silly contracts for middle of the road pitchers, over the hill shortstops, and below average, but popular first basement

    3) the owners fear the new contracts will bankrupt the team

    4) the owners are getting out of town before the taxpayers revolt over paying for a new stadium and having a bad team?

    5) some profit or investment reason that they feel it’s time to get out while the getting’s good

    While it may seem like bad news..since it’s the majority owners selling, if they were angry with Linder, couldn’t they just vote him out of his position of running the team…after all, they have more votes…

  2. Steve

    Found a new paragraph concerning the for sale news…there’s big money to be made as values of shares have risen since GAB…