He gave up three runs in three innings yesterday, but Ramon Ortiz is still happy with his performance:

It’s going to take something a lot more distressing than a 9.00 ERA to get Ramon Ortiz down.

Not long after his promising Grapefruit League debut deteriorated somewhat with a three-run third inning by the New York Yankees, Ortiz was downright giddy in the clubhouse.

“Three runs?” he exclaimed. “So what? It’s nothing.”

If he has very many performances like that in the regular season, I can’t imagine that I will be very excited.

The Enquirer has a similar story this morning, and also has this nugget about potential roster cuts:

The first round of cuts will not be made until the Reds are finished with split-squad games, Reds general manager Dan O’Brien said Sunday.

The first set of four split-squad doubleheaders is scheduled for today, and the last is scheduled for March 14.

“We specifically set up the split squads to ensure that all the position players and all the pitchers get ample opportunity to show us what they’re capable of doing,” O’Brien said.

It will be interesting to see how Miley and O’Brien put together this roster.