The Reds received permission from Major League Baseball on Saturday to use the DH rule in their Grapefruit League home games against the Tigers on March 10 and 14, the Phillies on March 11 and 16 and the Indians on March 13.

It will give Griffey a chance to get on the field in a game situation for the first time since Aug. 4, 2004, and it will be the next big step in his long recovery from reconstructive surgery on his right hamstring.

“It allows me to go out there and face some pitches,” Griffey said.

So it appears we’ll be able to see Junior very soon.

3 Responses

  1. Rob

    This only confirms that this guy is a china doll. I love Junior and I want to see him do well but come on….

  2. Steve

    I take real issue with criticisms about his injuries; I’m as sad or discouraged as anyone about them, but he’s gotten hurt hustling…diving for flyballs, sliding and running the bases; fact is, the most “china” doll injury I’ve seen was Wily Mo Pena (who’s definitely no china doll) pull a hamstring on his third step running to first base after hitting a ground ball.

    Griffey hustles every moment; the players like him and he spends time with the young guys. Fact is, the team told him to quit hustling so much an he refused to quit hustling….and he gets busted for it?

    It’s a trade we should have made, a deal we all thought was genius; bad luck sometimes just happens.

  3. Rob

    Point taken Steve.

    I love Griff and even given the way things have turned out, it has been a real thrill for me to see him the Reds uniform.

    My point is not that he doesn’t hustle. For God’s sake, the guy is a Player with a capital P. I would never bust him for playing hard.

    What agonizes in me is the knowledge that he is not as tough as he was only a few short years ago. My “china doll” comment only spoke to his fragility, not to his heart or the effort he gives. Believe me, I have gotten into more than one online flame war over the guy. I have defended him against armies of idiots.

    I just hate the thought that they’ve finally given up the ghost. DH’ing Griff just seems like the moment I’ll remember as the day he grew old to me. A part of me wants to say “play your game.” Another part says protect the guy because I’m always ready for his leg to fall off.

    It’s just a deflating thing to me.