Isn’t it time for us to hire John Schuerholz as GM? I mean, may be he can trade the guys (these pitching prospects?) he’s traded to us from Atlanta to someone else and get quality, because whe haven’t gotten anybody.

I’ve see Bong pitch quite a bit; good stuff, good change up, but lives above the belt…home run city, baby, and he’s a righty. Schuerholz had already switched him to the pen so we try him as a starter…yeah.

Bubba Nelson…haven’t seen, only know he appears to be a loser on the field and off the field. Schuerholz had already switched hiim to the pen so we try him as a starter…yeah.

May be we can get Brian Cashman….I saw Claussen pitch one really good game last year in Louisville after some pretty average ones before that. I wonder if he tired, but he got ripped pretty badly with the Reds. He’s pitched himself into trouble.

We have to find a one to scout better pitching….I’m of the impression Gullett is having trouble developing young talent…but I may have figured it out. Gullett was a natural; with the Reds at 19 and blowing out his arm early. He’s spent nearly every year of his big league career rehabbing…may be that’s all knows how to do?