Speaking of catchers, I notice that Corky Miller is in Twins camp.

A question: Could I (or you), given 3 weeks of exercise, instruction, and batting practice, beat Corky’s 2004 major league batting average of .026? That’s 1 for 39, by the way.

4 Responses

  1. Steve

    Hey, lay off Corky. His OBP was still over .200 since he walked six times. Sadly, his OBP was even higher than our second-string super sub, Jason Romano (.194).

    Corky didn’t look good at Louisille last year when I saw him either. He had a bad year. May be all those years of him getting high HBP totals in the minors took their toll?

    I wonder if LaRue took lessons from Corky on being hit by pitched balls.

  2. Steve

    And, no, I don’t think I could do that well…I always “thought” too much at the plate…

  3. Brady

    Hey, let’s go easy on the guy. Not many free agents can say they made it to the big show after only 6 years in professional baseball. I had the privilege of playing with Corky his Rookie season in Billings. There is no harder working catcher in the league and not many that give 110% all of the time they are on the field like he does. Let’s hope he finds his swing and can contribute for a promising TWINS team. GO TWINS