I am watching closely and anxiously to see how Roberto Petagine does with the Bosox this year…yes, he’s gone and “didn’t win a job”, but neither did Paul Konerko who’s gone on to play quite well with the Chisox.

Petagine didn’t exactly do badly for himself in Japan…he won at least one MVP award and was considered the 2nd best player over there until Matsui moved across the sea, and then became number one there, making about $6 million per year.

He played there exactly what I had been anticipating he would do…high average, lots of walks, lots of doubles, many homers. Also won a Gold Glove.

Amazing that Jack McKeon and company couldn’t find a place for the back-to-back International League MVP to play….his OBP for the Reds for that one month was over .400 and he was hitting with doubles power….and we had a bad team.

I’m rooting for him…it must have taken a lot for him to come here for a “minor league contract” with no guarantees. I think he did choose the right organization for him to try, at least when it comes to baseball theory. However, his competition will be tough.

If he fails, sabermetrics may get a bit of a black eye, quite frankly…