My name is Bill and I’m also the owner of the Cincinnati Reds Listserv List. I think I’m possibly the only native Cincinnatian on this blog and probably the oldest. I was thinking my Reds memory would go back much further than some of these young guys, but it appears Steve and I started listening to the Reds within a year of each other.

My first memories of the Reds are of the late ’60’s, but the first season that I really paid close attention was the first division season of 1969. (The season made famous by the “classic must read” Ball Four. I spent a lot of my high school years going to Riverfront to watch the “Big Red Machine”. I was screaming at the tv when Ken Burkardt blew the call at the plate in game 1 of the 1970 World Series and didn’t sleep at all the Sunday night when the Reds lost the ’72 WS. I was in attendance the night Pete Rose came back to manage the Reds and was watching on TV when Johnny Bench hit one out on “his night”. I drove back from Lousville to watch Rose get 4192.

Most of my sports memories concern the Cincinnati Reds. Hopefully the future will be better than the recent past.