When are we going to protest the wrongdoing?

When are we going to fight for our rights as baseball citizens?

Better yet…when will the Reds get a press team going that will lead the fight for Reds justice?

When are we going to get a chance for appropriate recognition?

When will the Midwest get appropriate kudos for the job of playing outstanding baseball?

Of course, Barry Larkin is a Hall of Famer (despite the ridiculous feelings of local fans…I can’t get over it myself…)

When are the 1919 Reds going to get proper credit for actually being a better team than the game throwing White Sox? Of course, the White Sox didn’t have to “throw” the games…they were getting beaten!!

Of course, Heine Groh is a Hall of Famer. He still holds the fielding percentage record for third basemen 80 years after setting the record when third base was actually a tough fielding position (deadball baseball–lots of bunts and infield play), while being an outstanding hitter on the 1919 WS champs and later with the Giants.

Of course, Tony Mullane is a Hall of Famer…The Count, The Apollo of the Box, so handsome they created “Ladies Day”, could pitch with either hand; possibly the best pick off move of all time (runners didn’t know which hand he would throw with); winner of 284 big league games; five time 30 game winner;

Will White and Charley Jones are two possibilities, too

What about nine time all-star, Dave Concepcion, the best shortstop of the 70’s…during the “true age of shortstops?” You think I’m kidding? I believe it was the 1975 All-star game featured seven all-star shortstops selected…it wasn’t because of their hitting, but their fielding and gamesmanship, because runs were scarce. It was a different game then.

Why didn’t Tom Seaver win the Cy Young Award in 1977 when he went a combined 21-6 with 7 shutouts and a 2.58 ERA with the Mets and Reds? Because he left New York? (Winner Carlton was 23-10) Why didn’t he win it in 1981 when he was 14-2 with a 2.54 ERA in the strike shortened season? Yes, Valenzuela was good (13-7, with a 2.48) and 8 shutouts.

Why didn’t Barry Larkin win the Gold Glove the first year that Ozzie didn’t? Because Jay Bell was better?

You think I’m kidding…but, check back over time. Outside of the 70’s..what respect do we get?

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  1. Steve

    Believe it may have been…but, Jay Bell? Especially after Larkin had already established his track record.