Just my opinions…and you know what they say about opinions…

The starters will be better than last year. Big prediction, huh? How could they be worse? But Milton won’t be worth the $$ he’s being paid and will give up tons of homers. Wilson will be no better than last year when he made 29 starts with one complete game and was below league average in ERA. Wilson will end up being the team’s best starter…but the bottom end of the rotation will be better than the past few years.

The bullpen will be overpaid, but improved also. I think we could have done better than Weathers and Mercker (and cheaper also), but they’re better than Norton and whoever. Graves will continue to be overpaid, overultilized, and overvalued. I don’t know why, but I think the bullpen MVP will be Ben Weber.

If this team stays healthy, they’ll score runs. Dunn will be a stud, Kearns will hit while he’s healthy, as will Griffey. I’m concerned about Pena regressing, possibly due to lack of playing time, until Kearns and Junior hit the DL.

Casey will give a good half season, as long as he’s healthy. I’m concerned that Miley will hand the job to Aurilla, I think it should be Lopez’ job to lose. As opposed to many, I don’t see Randa as a disaster at 3B, but with no true leadoff hitter, playing Freel at either 3B or 2B makes more sense to me.

Prediction for the season? If they stay healthy (Junior and Kearns especially), I think they can be .500 or a little better. I think they’ll finish 3rd in the division.

But I hope I’m wrong…