Hey, Reds Fans!!

I’m so glad to participate in Redleg Nation…and hope you play along. If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me…hungry for Reds news, been a Reds fan, live and die with the Reds no matter how crazy they sometimes make me.

AND…you’re probably someone like me, who thinks they could run the team better than the professionals do….and aren’t afraid to say it…

It’s no wonder “fan” is short for fanatical….

I cut my teeth on the 1970 Big Red Machine, and began listening to every game during the “seemingly” dreadful 1971 season (if only we were four under last year…), so I learned early that everybody wins and loses during baseball, but like I taught my kids the other day (as we watched a well-known movie…) “there’s no crying in baseball.” But, just as Pete Rose believes, there’s no reason to ever give up and I’m going to enjoy the ride.

I’m a big believer, as Ken Burns illustrated on PBS, that baseball mirrors life…or may be it’s the other way around…however, anyway you cut it, I don’t believe there are lukewarm baseball fans…either you’re in or you’re out….others are just looking for something to do.

So, join in, talk some baseball… I may not agree with your opinion, but I will respect it…I’ve changed my mind over things in the past, too…and may try to change how you feel as well.

In the meantime…I blame Carl Lindner for all of our problems…and think he owes the taxpayers of Ohio and Cincinnati a huge apology…I live in Kentucky, so I’m not personally affected on the tax end and feel I can be somewhat objective. Winning brings fans and makes the team money; you gotta spend some money to make lots more….and that’s public service, too…

I only wish Carl would join in, too….