Hall of Famer Hal McCoy writes today about Wily Mo Pena.

When the Reds acquired him in a trade with the Yankees in 2001 for former University of Michigan quarterback/third baseman Drew Henson, he was out of options and had to stay on the big-league roster.

It’s the standard reciped for a McCoy spring training story: Take two parts physical description (WMP is huge and has dyed tips under his do-rag). Add one part quirk-that’s-not-a-quirk (WMP wears a puka shell necklace. Mix in one quote from your new favorite quote source (Joe Randa says that WMP is strong – and his new team is great!). Finally, top it off with a silly factual error (WMP was not, contrary to what McCoy says, out of options when he came over during spring training, 2001. He played in Dayton in ’01, and Chattanooga in ’02, before a September cup of coffee).

Only real news: McCoy says that while the RF job is officially a competition, it belongs to Austin Kearns.