Prospectus’ Jeff Erickson, in his Fantasy Focus column (subscription), identifies Graves as one of three closers who are likley to lose their job this year.

Erickson points out that post-All-Star break, Graves had a 7.23 ERA, 1.98 WHIP, .349 batting average allowed and an 11/8 K/BB ratio over 18 2/3 innings. I didn’t realize he was that bad.

Of the candidates to replace him, I think Wagner is most likely, but (like Erickson), I think Acevedo might be the best. Another thing I did not know: Acevedo threw 17 scoreless innings in 12 relief appearances.

4 Responses

  1. jamie callaway

    wagner hasn’t shown the ability to pitch out of trouble yet. i think maybe valentine.

  2. Chad

    I’m still interested in Valentine, too, and I wonder what we’ll see out of him this year.

    The Acevedo idea fascinates me, though. If he’s not going to start, I’d love to see him closing.

  3. Steve

    I’ve seen Valentine many times here in Louisville…and I truly think he’s nothing more than trade bait.

    Yes, he’s got a fastball…but, he’s always had his fastball, and has little command. He doesn’t move it around, except for someplace above the hitter’s belt.

    I watched so many line drives through the box in Louisville last year that I worried for Valentine’s safety. Scouts were always checking his velocity.

    Watching hitters hit off Valentine reminded me of when Tom Browning was finished…it wasn’t safe to play the field.

    I’m all for Acevedo getting this chance…yes, we need starters, but Baseball Prospectus published a rather compelling argument in saying that Acevedo’s first 15 pitches of each start showed an OPS of around 650…he was around 890 for every pitch past that.

    His good starts and his relief stats from last year when he was almost unhittable in 17 innings tells me we have a closer on our hands…and may be a closer that has the stamina that could possibly go a couple of innings…I’d like to see us stretch him that way instead of pacing himself as a starter.